We build awesome products

for both our clients and ourselves.

What we do best

Content Management System

We've been building various and tailored content management systems for almost a decade. We are confident enough to claim that we are now expert.

Product development

We share with our clients all the expertise / knowledge we learned while developing our own products and SaaS platforms. We won't make our clients do the same mistakes as we made.

Digital transformation

We assist companies at any size to successfully bring digital tools / services in their business. We're not only talented developers, we listen and understand our clients.

Our products


One the most popular open source CMS in Ruby on Rails.

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Set up hundreds of websites in a few clicks for your clients or franchisees.

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The little content management system for Heroku applications.

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Some of the clients we worked for

Our team

Didier Lafforgue

Principal / Tech lead

Estelle Lafforgue

Founder / Marketing / SEO

Julien Girard

Ruby on Rails developer

Jean-Guy Salomon