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NoCoffee, passionate developers, creators of web, mobile and web-based projects of exceptional R&D.

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  • Development of business WEB applications
  • Development of mobile applications
  • CTO / Interim lead dev
  • Website factories
  • SEO/Web indexing
  • Consulting


  • LocomotiveCMS
  • Ruby on Rails / ExpressJS
  • ReactJS / VueJS
  • PostgreSQL / Firebase / MongoDB / Redis
  • Flutter / ReactNative
  • Docker / Kubernetes

and expertise

We are passionate developers of new technologies and creators of LocomotiveCMS, one of the main open source CMS in Rails in the world.

Gérard Bertrand website, Desktop display

We have been creating great sites and applications for clients around the world for over 10 years. From one page showcase sites to complex R&D projects, from freelance to a CAC40 company, we are excited about your projects and we are passionately committed to them.

Beyond our advanced technical expertise, we are true entrepreneurs and our uniqueness lies in our understanding of your company's business challenges. 

We therefore know how to understand your project in its entirety in order to provide an efficient, ergonomic and well-thought-out solution and offer the best possible experience to your customers.

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